6 push-up variations for a sculpted, sexy upper body.

Aim to work out your shoulders, chest, triceps, back, and core with this routine push-up program.

Whether you’re on a business trip, visiting relatives in another city, or relaxing on a secluded beach, there are times when you just can’t get to the gym.

But don’t worry, there can’t be a more effective, efficient and comfortable way to workout your upper body than a few push-ups.

If this sounds too simple to you, remember that push-ups have a lot of options that you probably aren’t used to, so start with some of the ones we’re going to highlight in this post.

Here we bring you six variations of traditional push-ups that target an amazing variety of muscle groups, from arms and shoulders to back and chest. At the end of the day, variety is the key to making your workouts fun, exciting and most importantly effective.

So get into a prone position, grab your favorite gear for extra work and start sculpting your upper body for your dream figure.

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1. Dumbbell Dips

Отжимания с подъёмом гантелей

Muscles at work: shoulders, chest, triceps, lats, core

This push-up requires coordination and balance to keep the plank in the correct position and is especially effective for working your core muscles.

  • Start in a push-up position with a 5kg dumbbell in your right hand and a 2kg dumbbell in your left hand, palms facing inward, feet shoulder-width apart for stability (A)
  • Do a push-up, then do a 5kg dumbbell row to the thigh line (B, C)
  • Perform a push-up, then lift a 2kg dumbbell with a straight arm parallel to the floor, making a 90-degree angle with your torso (D).
  • Do a full set of eight repetitions of each movement, then repeat with weights in opposite hands.

2. Jump push-ups

Отжимания с прыжком

Muscles at work: shoulders, chest, core

This is a dynamic move that requires speed and explosive strength in the leg muscles.

  • Start in a push-up position, feet hip-width apart, place the BOSU platform between your feet, flat side down.
  • Do a push-up, and at the top of the movement, bounce off, pushing off with your feet so that your toes are on top of the BOSU.
  • When you jump back to the wide leg position, simultaneously return to the bottom push-up position.
  • Do two sets of 15-20 reps.

3. Arm extension push-up

Отжимание с вытягиванием руки

Muscles at work: shoulders, chest, core

This step improves mobility, especially in the shoulders.

  • Get into a push-up position, feet hip-width apart and do a push-up.
  • At the top of the subsequent push-up, simultaneously extend your right arm forward so that it is parallel to the floor, and lift your left leg up about 20 cm, also parallel to the floor.
  • Hold this position and count to three.
  • Return to the top of the plank position and swap arms and legs.
  • Do two sets of eight reps on each side.

4. Padded ball push-ups

Отжимания на набивном мяче

Muscles at work: shoulders, chest, core

Medicine ball will cause you to do deeper push-ups than usual, which in turn will stretch your pectoral muscles better.

  • Start in a prone position, left hand on the floor, right hand on the ball, and place your feet hip-width apart. Do a push-up.
  • At the top of the follow-up push-up, place your left palm on your right shoulder.
  • Place your hand on the floor and continue doing this for a total of eight times.
  • Roll the ball under your left arm and do eight more reps, with your right palm touching your left shoulder.

5. Scorpion push-ups

Отжимания скорпион

Muscles at work: shoulders, chest, core, buttocks

Train your glutes and any other muscle group with this push-up!

  • Get into a prone position, feet hip-width apart.
  • Raise your right leg about 30 cm from the floor so that your right knee is above your left.
  • When you descend to the bottom of the push-up, bend your right leg 90 degrees.
  • Straighten your right leg as you rise.
  • Change legs and repeat.
  • Do two sets of 10 reps per leg.

6. Push-ups “pike dive”


Muscles at work: shoulders, triceps

This push-up option puts more stress on the shoulders than regular push-ups, and also stretches the back of the thigh.

  • Place your hands on the floor, place your feet on a bench about 45 cm high, or on a rubber ball (fitball).
  • Begin to move your arms towards the bench, lifting your hips up, keeping your back straight until your hands are at ear level.
  • Do a push-up until your head touches the floor and then lift up to the starting position, holding your body in the inverted V position throughout the movement.
  • Do two sets of eight reps while keeping your body balanced.

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