6 stretching exercises to improve your workout.

Make your workouts more effective by incorporating dynamic and static stretching movements into your regular workout routine.

With a busy daily schedule, stretching is often the first thing you can eliminate from your workout routine. But you can underestimate your results. Stretching takes just a few minutes before and after exercising and has long-term benefits and health benefits for the whole body.

“Resistance training contracts muscle fibers, causing a lot of muscle tension. Stretching can help ease that tension and improve both balance and range of motion so you can move more easily, ”says Michelle Johnson, IFBB bikini professional and former yoga instructor.

Stretching is also an excellent stress reliever, especially when you are monitoring your breathing, taking deep breaths in and out to hold or take each pose.

Do these exercises as directed before and after strength training to warm up and stretch your entire body. You will feel the difference almost immediately and feel pleasantly relaxed for the rest of the day.

Pre-Workout: Dynamic Stretching

Поза кошки

Cat Pose: relaxes the lower back, stretches the hips

Execution :

  • Kneel down on all fours with your wrists just below your shoulders, knees at hip level.
  • Place your feet on your toes to stretch the arch of your foot. Inhale and slowly arch your back, lifting your chin and arching your chest forward from your abdomen, while pulling your tailbone towards the ceiling.
  • As you exhale, round your back by lifting it up and lowering your head to the floor, gently squeezing your abdominals.
  • Do 20 reps, breathing deeply and evenly as you change the position.

Tip: try to breathe evenly, changing body position, exhaling when bending (pictured), inhaling when bending down.

Pre-Workout: Dynamic Stretching

Поза ящерицы

Lizard Pose: Stretches the back and inner thighs, quadriceps.

Execution :

  • Take a push-up position, feet shoulder width apart. Step your left foot towards the outside of your left arm, slightly bending your right leg, or lower your knee to the floor if it’s hard.
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds, feeling a stretch on the inner and back of the thigh and gluteus muscle of the left leg and a stretch on the quadriceps on the right.
  • Return your left leg to its original position. Change sides. Do 20 reps per leg.

Tip: To make the stretch even more dynamic, in each position, perform a springy up and down movement with a small amplitude.

Pre-Workout: Dynamic Stretching

Поза мостик:

Bridge Pose: Stretches your back, shoulders, arms, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Execution :

  • Lie face up on the mat with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, arms at your sides, palms down.
  • Lift your hips up so that your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees; as you rise, clasp your hands under your back, pulling them towards your ankles.
  • Keeping your hips raised, tighten your abs and bring your right knee to your chest (not shown). Hold in this position for a couple of seconds, then lower your leg to the floor; repeat with the left leg. This is one repetition. Do 20 reps in total.

Post-workout: static stretching

Поза голубя

Dove Pose: stretches the buttocks, groin muscles, thighs

Execution :

  • Get on all fours first. Step your right foot forward towards your right arm, bending your right knee so that your lower leg is directly in front of your hips. Move your left leg back as far as the stretch will allow.
  • Keep your arms along your body, lowering your hips to the floor. To increase the stretch, extend your arms slightly forward, spreading your body like a sail over your front thigh. While breathing, remain in this position for 20 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

Tip: Make sure that the pelvis does not fall on the buttock, but looks straight.

Post Workout: Static Stretching

Растяжка задней поверхности бедра

Back of the thigh stretch: Stretches the glutes, hamstrings; relieves tension in calves, ankles and feet

Execution :

  • Sit on the mat with your right leg extended in front of you and your left knee bent comfortably to the left. Hook a rubber band or strap around your right foot, holding the ends of the strap in each hand.
  • Bend slightly towards your right leg, bending at the hip and keep your back straight. After a few seconds, deepen the stretch by bending your elbows. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds, breathe evenly. Change legs and repeat.

Tip: Do not round your back and try not to bend the knee of the extended leg.

Post Workout: Static Stretching

Поза лук

Bow Pose: Stretches the chest, abdominals, thighs, groin muscles, quadriceps ankles; strengthens the back and improves the flexibility of the spine

Execution :

  • Lie facedown on the mat with your arms at your sides. Exhale deeply and bend your knees, pulling both heels to your buttocks, grabbing your ankles with both hands. Keep your knees as far apart as possible.
  • Inhale, and then lift your hips off the floor while lifting your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together and creating an arched C-shape with your back. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds. Lower yourself slowly to the starting position. Take 2-3 sets.

Tip: if the stretch is too intense, just hold on to one ankle, then change legs.

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