Chest and triceps workout.

Training your pectoral muscles and triceps together is a classic combination of muscle groups in a split. And it makes sense, since the triceps is an auxiliary group for the muscles of the chest.

It may seem to you that training in this combination of muscle groups will lose its relevance after a while, but with a little creativity in the repetition patterns, you can continue to receive new benefits from training.

In this session, you will use a combination of multi-joint and isolation exercises to work your chest muscles from all angles and with different weights. The second half of the workout involves pumping the triceps using higher reps and working to failure to fatigue them to the fullest.

In most exercises, when performing them, you have to slow down the rate of lifting of the apparatus during the concentric (positive) and eccentric (negative) phases of the movement. So make sure to maintain that pace for each rep and that you use the appropriate weight.

Chest & Triceps Workout

  • Start with a few warm-up sets of hand convergence on the Pec Deck, then get to work!
  1. Pec Deck Reduction: 3 sets, 5 reps slow tempo in positive movement, 5 reps slow tempo in negative phase, then reps to failure at normal tempo Is one approach.
  2. Machine Chest Press: 3 sets, 5 reps slow pace in the positive phase of the movement, 5 reps at a slow pace in the negative phase, then reps to failure at the normal pace is one set.
  3. Bench press: 3 sets, 5 reps slow pace in the positive phase of the movement, 5 reps slow pace in the negative phase, then reps to failure at normal pace is one set.
  4. Dips (emphasis on triceps): 3 sets to failure
  5. Crossover Reduction: 4 sets, 10 reps in front, 10 reps of downward folding is one set.
  6. Extension of the arms on the upper block (rope handle): 3 sets, 5 reps of a slow pace in the positive phase of the movement, 5 reps of a slow pace in a negative phase, then reps to failure at a normal pace is one approach.
  7. Extension of the arms on the upper block with a reverse grip (EZ-grip): 3 sets, 5 reps slow pace in the positive phase of the movement, 5 reps slow pace in the negative phase, then reps to failure at the usual pace Is one approach.
  8. Overhead Extension from Lower Block: 3 sets of 12 reps at a regular pace
  • Stretching exercises for trained muscles.

Technique Tips

Pec Deck Mixing

Sit with your back and shoulders against the pillow. Take a starting position with your hands slightly behind your shoulders. For the first 5 reps, bring your hands together slowly for 5 seconds before returning to the starting position.

For the next 5 reps, lift the weight at a normal pace and lower it slowly for a 5-second count. After completing these 10 reps, do as many reps at your normal pace as possible until you reach failure.

Remember to maintain correct movement technique while controlling your weight – it should be difficult, but you don’t need to take too much to work the full range of amplitude.

Сведение рук в Pec Deck

Machine Chest Press

To do this, use the same approach as in the previous exercise and do 5 slow positives, 5 slow negatives and rep to failure on the last set. Be sure to load the weights a little lighter than you would use on a regular machine chest press.

Жим от груди в тренажёре

To make sure that you are not squeezing only the front deltas, bring your shoulder blades together and lower them down, as if you were putting them in your back pocket. Legs firmly on the floor will also provide more support during the press.

Bench press

You are now moving on to the classic bench press with a combined tempo. Grasp the hypha with a grip that is slightly wider than shoulder width, or even wider if that’s more comfortable for you.

Reps 1-5 should be done at a slow pace in the eccentric part of the movement (count-5 seconds), and reps 6-10 will be slow in the concentric part of the movement (counting 5 seconds).

Жим штанги лёжа

During the bench press, you must firmly press your upper back against the bench – this will provide balance and stabilize the shoulders, which in turn will help to avoid injury. A helpful hint to keep your chest taut throughout your set is to think about trying to “bend the bar” when lowering the bar to your chest.


Jump on the uneven bars or use a counterweight push-up machine if you need help with this movement. If you don’t have one, you can attach a rubber band to the bar handles and kneel on it to help you do push-ups with the right technique.

Regardless of what you use, keep your elbows close to your body, not allowing them to spread out to the sides during the downward movement. This will help protect your shoulder joints from injury.

Once the elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle, begin to squeeze yourself to the top of the movement until the arms are fully extended, but without locking the elbow joints.

Отжимания на брусьях

Crossover handshake

Another classic chest exercise with a little twist! You will perform the first 10 reps as usual, controlling the movement in front of you (sternum level). The cables will help maintain constant tension in the pectoral muscles and strengthen the muscles of the core.

After completing these steps, adjust your body position so that you bring your arms out of a wide grip, palms down. Instead of extending the cable handles in front of your chest, lower them down towards the floor until they meet in the center in front of you. Do 10 more reps.

Сведение рук в кроссовере

Extension of arms on the upper block

Time to load the triceps again. Place the block at the top of the machine. Attach the rope handle to the cable and place the optimum weight on the stack. Start with your elbows bent at just under 90 degrees.

Now begin to extend your arms while holding onto both ends of the rope, focusing on moving the weight with your triceps. Squeeze the triceps firmly at the bottom of the range before slowly returning the load to the starting point.

Разгибание рук на верхнем блоке

Follow the previously described protocol by doing 5 slow positive reps, 5 slow negative reps, then pump your triceps to full failure on each set.

Reverse grip extension of the arms on the upper block

Now change the position of the hands a little. Take the EZ handle to replace the rope. You can use a straight grip if the EZ is not available, but the EZ grip will be more comfortable for your wrists.

Hold the ends of the handle, palms facing up. This position accentuates the work of the medial triceps head, while the work with the rope handle loads the lateral triceps head to a greater extent. Perform this exercise with the same repetition rate and technique as the previous one.

Разгибание рук на верхнем блоке обратным хватом

Extension of arms overhead from the lower block

Use the cable tie again, this time place the block at the bottom of the machine. While holding the ends of the rope handle, turn your back to the machine and step forward, leaning slightly. Starting position – arms bent behind the head.

The exercise is performed at a regular pace. Just a steady, controlled extension of the arms overhead until your elbows are straight and your triceps are tight.

Разгибание рук над головой с нижнего блока

You will get more out of this movement if you take your time doing reps. This exercise helps you most accurately target the long head of the triceps.



Post-workout is the time to do static stretches to prevent muscle tension or inflammation and to maintain full range of motion for upcoming workouts. Hold each stretch position for 30 seconds.

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