Upper body workout at home: dumbbells only.

All you have at your disposal to work out are dumbbells? No problems. You can do a complete upper body workout with this set of circular exercises.

Organizing Your Workout

Some people in their homes, apartments, garages have a place where they can train and the necessary equipment for this (a power rack, a full set of dumbbells, barbell, weight plates, etc.). You are not one of them.

You have a minimum: a bench and one pair of dumbbells somewhere in the closet. The person visiting the gym can perform almost any training program. You, on the other hand, need to get a little more creative.

Let’s say it’s a pair of 13 kg dumbbells. And like most people, you have a limited workout time, but you still want to get the most out of your body using that time.

Workout Tip

The next workout will work your entire upper body (chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps) in less than half an hour. Since 13 kilograms in each hand is all you have, the order of the exercises listed is critical.

The reason for this is that bent over rows and dumbbell presses won’t be enough for guys doing most of the exercises.

However, if you do these movements after a series of other exercises, your upper body muscles will be fatigued to the point that 13kg dumbbells are enough to get a good pump without having to do 50-100 reps per set. .

Pay attention to which exercises you start with: bent over with dumbbells (back delta), prone extension (triceps), side raises (middle deltas), and so on.

As you move from one exercise to the next in a circular pattern, doing the exercises themselves will become easier in terms of mechanical advantage, and at the same time the intensity of the load will increase, because you will not rest between exercises.

As a rule, you should start your workout with large muscle groups, but not when you only have a couple of 13 kg shells.

Your Workout

Do one set of each of these exercises one after the other without rest (circular pattern). After completing a full cycle once, rest one minute, then repeat.

Bring every set of every exercise to failure. Complete as many laps as possible in a limited time (in 20 minutes, this should be 4-5 approaches per exercise). If there is no bench in the house, do the exercises performed in a lying position while lying on the floor.

Set of upper body exercises with dumbbells

  1. Bent-over (rear deltas) arms – 4.5 sets to failure
  2. Extension of arms with lying dumbbells (triceps) – 4.5 sets to failure
  3. Standing lateral dumbbell raises (middle delta) – 4.5 sets to failure
  4. Standing dumbbell curl (biceps) – 4.5 sets to failure
  5. Standing dumbbell press – (front, middle deltas) – 4.5 sets to failure
  6. Bent-over row of two dumbbells (back) – 4.5 sets to failure
  7. Dumbbell bench press (chest) – 4.5 sets to failure

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